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Since 1760 we have been one of the sugar industry fundamental pillars in Argentina.

We have an infrastructure, a productive capacity and a management dynamics that allow us to make our products reach, efficiently and competitively, the most demanding markets around the world.


We were one of the first sugar mills in South America to produce organic sugar. Training with the best practices and coping with the most demanding international rules we began and grew in this product development that meets the consuming growing demand which is irreversible among the population in the five continents.


We are at the forefront as regards the demands of the most competitive markets, in the whole world. We believe in innovation, new trends and technologies.


Incorporating constantly the best practices based on the criteria of sustainability and environment protection.


We solve the complete export logistics in our facilities and with our own staff, from packing to directly shipping the product to the world. Comprehensive management aiming at solving our customers’ needs. An integral management oriented to solve the needs of our clients.


Export products, with rigorous production processes and certified quality.

Organic Sugar

We have two types of organic sugar:

1) High polarity, with a maximum incumsa of 550 units and a minimum polarization of 99.5%

2) Low polarity, with an incumsa from 600 to 1600 units and a maximum polarization of 99.4%

Honey and Molasses

For several uses.

Conventional and organic.

Buen Gusto Alcohol

Excellent quality, 96% graduation.

Used in: alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industries.

Conventional and organic.

Anhydrous Alcohol

99.9% graduation.

Mostly used in fuel manufacturing.

Conventional and organic.


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Año tras año, crecemos en la producción de productos orgánicos
Year after year, we grow in the production of organic products
Resolvemos de manera integral la logística de exportación
We completely solve the export logistics

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Social Responsibility

Building values in future generations.

We work intensely on social responsibility through the San Isidro Mill Football School (Escuela de Fútbol Ingenio San Isidro). An educational space where hundreds of children and teenagers from Camposanto and surroundings share the formative experience of team sports which allows them socialize with peers and develop as persons, incorporating fundamental values in every aspect of their lives.


Sgto. Cabral S/Nº – (A4432XAB) – Campo Santo – Salta